Towards transparency and privacy in the online advertising business

Workshop for the PROTASIS Project (Restoring the Trust in the cyberspace: A Systems Security Proposal)

Disseminating Partner: TID

Type of disseminating activity: Workshop

Target-profile / audience: Scientific Community (Higher Education, Research), Industry

Number of attendants: 20

Section of the project covered by dissemination: Reverse engineering real-time bidding ad-ecosystem for user personal data valuation and systems supporting it.

Overview of feedback received: From the given activity, 2 new project ideas were discussed and have advanced for new EU project proposals as well as academic papers directions.

Reason for choosing this particular event to disseminate the project: The specific event was part of PROTASIS, another EU project which Telefonica is participating as well. However, given that the specific audience of this project is highly relevant to the topics of TYPES, especially with respect to cybersecurity and transparency, it was a clear win-win situation.

Integration with future exploitation plans: This activity allowed TID to communicate to other academic and industrial partners of the efforts done in the research lab of Telefonica on the topics of privacy, security, advertising and transparency and enabled fruitful discussions that led to further explorations of new projects as well as new ideas for products (i.e., commercialization of ideas and existing prototypes).

Relevant linkshttp://www.dagstuhl.de/schedules/17143.pdf

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