Towards transparency and privacy in the online advertising business

Data Broker

Empowering the user in managing personal data

Data Broker is a new initiative for empowering data privacy and benefits for the users.

We allow consumers like you to monetize your personal data. You decide how much your personal data values, and in return we look for companies that are willing to give you a similar amount of money. Thanks to sharing your data, Data Broker is able to keep this data private and shares it with brands, matching your details so that campaigns are relevant to you.

With the Data Broker, data is the new currency.

Your age, sex, hobbies, etc… is information about YOU that brands are buying every day from third parties. But who knows YOU better than YOU? Wouldn’t it make more sense if brands just paid you some Money for sharing this information?

Data Broker is a powerful tool that help consumers to trade data from a variety of sources for high quality products and services offered by our brand partners.

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