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Presenting the FDVT at EUROCONSUMERS’ seminar

Disseminating Partner: IMDEA

Type of disseminating activity: Talk

Target-profile / audience: Industry, Civil Society

Number of attendants: 100

Section of the project covered by dissemination: The FDVT, a tool developed as part of WP5

Overview of feedback received: The feedback was very positive. OCU (Spanish association of consumers) have contacted us after this talk to explore potential collaborations.

Reason for choosing this particular event to disseminate the project: It allows us to share the results of the project with end-users’ associations.

Integration with future exploitation plans: It serves to get feedback from consumers associations on the FDVT.

Relevant linkshttps://www.test-achats.be/action/espace-presse/communiques-de-presse/2017/euroconsumers-seminar

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