Towards transparency and privacy in the online advertising business

Online Privacy and Web Transparency Seminar at Dagsthul

Disseminating Partner: UC3M

Type of disseminating activity: Seminar in Dagsthul

Target-profile / audience: Scientific Community (Higher Education, Research), Industry, Policy Makers

Number of attendants: 30

Section of the project covered by dissemination: Reverse engineering real-time bidding ad-ecosystem for user personal data valuation and systems supporting it. Also, privacy leakage via cookie synchronization.

Overview of feedback received: Based on this visit we established new contact with law expert around the GDPR that has allowed to prepare a new H2020 proposal that integrates technology developed within TYPES project to be used to help companies to adopt the GDPR. This new H2020 proposal includes 4 TYPES partners (Eurecat, UC3M, IMDEA and NEC) and few partners that were met during the seminar.

Reason for choosing this particular event to disseminate the project: This event involved the most relevant academic experts in the area of web transparency, and TYPES through Dr. Ángel Cuevas was represented. This implies that the work carried out on TYPES is considered of top quality and appreciated by top expert in the area of web transparency.

Integration with future exploitation plans: Dr. Ángel Cuevas presented the FDVT as a tool that creates transparency in the web. This dissemination effort is aligned to the successful dissemination and impact of the FDVT during TYPES project.

Relevant linkshttp://www.dagstuhl.de/en/program/calendar/semhp/?semnr=17162

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