Towards transparency and privacy in the online advertising business

FASES workshop organized by TYPES and ReCRED within the dedicated track to EU Project

Disseminating Partner: EURECAT, IMDEA, OUI, UC3M

Type of disseminating activity: Workshop

Target-profile / audience: Scientific Community (Higher Education, Research)

Number of attendants: 20

Section of the project covered by dissemination: The workshop was organized by TYPES. In addition, several partners presented work related to WP5 and WP6.

Overview of feedback received: This workshop was a good opportunity to interact with the ReCRED project and being able to launch a joint dissemination activity of H2020 projects within the area of privacy and security.

Reason for choosing this particular event to disseminate the project: We were invited to propose a workshop. We found it a good opportunity for TYPES and we had asked the previous PO about the possibility of TYPES organizing a workshop in the EU symposium track of ARES conference, and he was in favour of this dissemination activity.

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Relevant links: https://www.ares-conference.eu/conference/ares-eu-symposium/fases-2016/

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