Towards transparency and privacy in the online advertising business

D8.5 Final Report on Training and Tutorial Materials

The objective of this document is to present and detail the elements that have been developed to facilitate the comprehension, use and installation of the tools developed in the TYPES project, both for end users and for companies and social organizations.The main goals of these materials are:

– Provide an easy guidance for the installation, configuration and use of each tool developed

– Explain and demonstrate the benefits that each tool will bring to end-users.

The elements that have been developed to carry out this task are:

– A generic web space (testyourprivacy.eu // testdeprivacidad.org) aimed at end users and advertisers whose objective is to raise awareness of the importance of privacy, showcase the technologies developped in TYPES in order to know what we do and who we are on the Internet, inform about the value of data and teach how we can improve our privacy. TestYourPrivacy is open to nonprofit organizations that can participate as ambassadors of the initiative and personalize the web with their image.

– Two events to which social organizations, regulators, companies and citizens have been invited to participate, held in Madrid in March, Digital Citizenship and Privacy Conference1, and October Congress on Privacy and Data Protection2

. In these events the technologies, developments and tools of the TYPES project have been presented to all the referred agents. Both events included educational sessions to teach the stakeholders and citizens about the topics covered in TYPES but in a broader scope than the innovation carried out in the project. This approach has helped to expand TYPES messages to broader audiences.

– 30 Videos tutorials for the end-user developed in context of TYPES showing in a simple way how tools and solution developed in TYPES work, what benefits they provide, how they can be installed and how users can manage the referred tools.

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