Towards transparency and privacy in the online advertising business

DG Connect Digital Assembly

Disseminating Partner: UC3M, NEC

Type of disseminating activity: Speaker at conference

Target-profile / audience: Scientific Community (Higher Education, Research), Industry, Civil Society, General Public, Policy Makers, Media

Number of attendants: 1000 for the entire conference

Section of the project covered by dissemination: EyeWnder and FDVT

Overview of feedback received: We received good feedback from Rosa Barceló (Deputy Head of H1 Unit) and Marju Lauristin (European Parliament). Both of them exposed their interest to invite us to participate in working groups working on improving the privacy and freedom of Internet Users in the Internet. Unfortunately, we did not receive any formal information yet.

Reason for choosing this particular event to disseminate the project: We were invited to present TYPES results in this event. It is important to note that the Digital Assembly is the flagship event of the DG Connect and receive such invitation clearly demonstrate the quality and impact of TYPES project, and the fact that it is aligned with the EU strategy for Internet Users.

Integration with future exploitation plans: We disseminate TYPES project in the context of the “under discussion” ePRIVACY regulation. We  presented TYPES project and relied on eyeWnder and FDVT tools to illustrate how users can gain control over their personal data and how they can be informed of the value associated to their data.

Relevant linkshttps://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/events/cf/digital-assembly-2017/item-display.cfm?id=19735

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