Towards transparency and privacy in the online advertising business

Conference on Privacy and Digital Citizenship


Type of disseminating activity: Conference, workshop and demos

Target-profile / audience: Industry, Civil Society, Policy Makers, Media

Number of attendants: 148

Section of the project covered by dissemination: Tools: www.types-project.eu, www.testyourprivacy.org, www.fdvt.com, www.eyewnder.com

Overview of feedback received: More than 140 people from civil society, companies, regulators, government and political parties attended the event.

The first discussion table was with the Director of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (Mar España), the Deputy Director of INCIBE (Marcos Gómez), the Secretary of Telefónica (Pablo Carvajal) and Pedro Martín Jurado Advisor of TYPES and subdirector at SETSIAS

In the second table dedicated to discuss the Political Parties were representatives of the four major parties in Spain: Partido Popular, PSOE, CIUDADNOS and IU-PODEMOS

The demonstrations of the tools developed in TYPES were carried out by Angel and Ruben Cuevas researchers of UCIIIM

Reason for choosing this particular event to disseminate the project: This event was organized by the Association of Users in collaboration with the UCIIIM to bring to the different agents of the Spanish Society the developments carried out on the Internet within the actions on dissemination of the TYPES project.

We have had top-level, regulatory, business and social multi stake-holders and can help us give relevance to TYPES developments and help achieve the greatest number of test end users and ambassadors for the project.

Other comments: Really a big success

Relevant links: www.testdeprivacidad.org/jornada

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