Towards transparency and privacy in the online advertising business



The expected TYPES impact is:

Transparency into how user-data is collected, and utilized by online service providers in order to target them.
Improved information to users on their privacy, and it’s value in order to help them define safeguarding policies.
Privacy aware trading of user data
Users control in a fine-grained manner what happens to their data, verify that the data is not passed to 3rd parties unless clear and informed consent is given, and control which information is disclosed to whom.
Increase of users trust in online services and induction to more active participation in the privacy economics market perceiving their data as a valuable, quantifiable and controllable asset.
 Practical, user friendly and economically viable implementation of the legal obligations related to personal data processing and the legal obligation for prior consent.
Provision of a set of practical and user friendly tools that protect privacy (as tangible asset) and therefore fully inline with the European Strategy for Cybersecurity.

TYPES will not only identify but more importantly implement privacy by design architectures. It is expected that the actions will lead to an increased user trust online, resulting in a higher uptake of online services. Actions should generate positive business cases for online privacy


Benefit for Users

The tools implemented by TYPES are going to let users define their privacy settings with higher granularity what would help them to still receive ads and offers of their interest but filtering any undesired leakage of information.

Benefits and Competitive Advantage for Over The Top Service Providers (OTT SPs)

Over The Top Service Providers (OTT SPs) (e.g., Google, Facebook, Yahoo) will be able to differentiate themselves and gain users trust by showing transparency towards the users on how their data is treated. In this respect, the adoption of TYPES tools by OTT SPs will potentially bring them even more information to analyze since users will stop using “all-or-nothing” mitigation tools and instead use fine-grained privacy safeguarding with a controllable disclosure level that will feed that privacy preserving data broker solutions.

OTT SPs can benefit by adopting TYPES tools in order to increase their level of data protection compliance in a user transparent manner.

Benefits and Competitive Advantage for Telecom Operators

Privacy-oriented services delivered via application layer proxies can increase telecom operators’ reputation (and help differentiating them resulting in an increased market share) and revenues (if offered as an opt-in paid service or as a bundle into premium plans).

Benefits and Competitive Advantage for Equipment and Software Vendors

Types will provide answers to worldwide societal changes with their product portfolio by privacy-preserving solutions that deal with traffic optimization.