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Open University of Israel


logo_open_universityThe Open University of Israel is similar to other universities in its pursuit of excellence and its commitment to superior scientific and scholastic standards. However, it differs in its organizational structure, its curriculum, and its admission requirements.

The Open University is open to all those who wish to study a single course or a battery of courses, or to pursue a full program of study toward a Bachelor’s degree. Enrollment does not require matriculation or any other certificate from another educational institution. Though applicants are not required to provide proof of prior scholastic achievements, their academic achievements are the key to their success at the Open University. Along with its open admission policy, the Open University demands of its students personal qualities without which academic achievements cannot be attained: ambition, motivation, perseverance, responsibility and self-discipline. Students are required to study on their own, practice at home, actively participate in group learning activities, and meet course deadlines and requirements.

Since 1996, the Open University has offered programs of study leading to a Master’s degree. In contrast to the open admission policy for undergraduate studies, admission to graduate studies is contingent on fulfillment of certain requirements.