Towards transparency and privacy in the online advertising business

Dr. Ángel Cuevas Rumin, UC3M, gives talk at the ESOMAR Summer Academy 2016

Overview of Fraud in Online Advertising is the topic that Dr. Dr. Ángel Cuevas Rumin, UC3M, broached in his recent talk at the ESOMAR Summer Academy 2016.

With online advertising a multibillion dollar business with a growing pace of +/-15% per year, even during the economic crisis, fraudsters have felt compelled to implement different mechanisms to obtain economic benefits out of not legitimate website visits, converting fraud in one of the most important problems for the online advertising industry.

The presentation offered an overview of fraud in online advertising starting with the causes and an estimation of the current impact of fraud on the online advertising industry and ending with its potential social implications. Dr. Cuevas Rumin also presented several specific examples of online fraud mechanisms and potential countermeasures that could be adopted by the industry to reduce fraud.

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