Towards transparency and privacy in the online advertising business



This deliverable describes the design of the Data Valuation tools planned to be implemented during the execution of TYPES project. First, we present the design of two different tools aimed at estimating “the data value of personal information from end user perspective”. One of these tools is based on a Facebook application whereas the other uses a web platform to gather information from end users. Second, we present the design of three different tools to estimate the “data value of personal information from the market perspective”. The first tool is a web portal that evaluates the value of different pieces of personal information (location, gender, interests, etc) in advertising services from different platforms (e.g., Facebook or Google Adwords). The second tool, named Facebook Data Valuation Tool (FDVT) will allow end users to estimate the revenue they generate for Facebook based on the ads they watch or click on. The last tool is a data valuation tool linked to the Data Broker to be designed and implemented in WP6. Finally, we present the design of a tool for estimating the value of videos on YouTube platform.