Towards transparency and privacy in the online advertising business

Data Transparency Lab Conference to be held in November 2015 at MIT

The Data Transparency Lab is an inter-institutional collaboration to support research and development in the areas of online personal data transparency. Amongst its founding members is Nikolaos Laoutaris, senior researcher at Telefonica, and one of the consortium members currently developing TYPES.

DTL is fostering a community of scientific researchers, policymakers, industry representatives, and technologists, which aims to shine a light on current practices in the area of personal data on the internet, as well as developing tools and programs that empower individual users by creating awareness and giving them control over their personal data.

The DTL Conference in November 2015 will be hosted by the prestigious MIT. Over the course of two exciting information-packed days, November 16 and 17, participants will get the opportunity to listen to riveting talks delivered by brilliant guest speakers, as well as the winners of the DTL Award Grant, including Dr. Ángel Cuevas Rumín, Assistant Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and member of the TYPES Consortium.

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